There is still much work to be done!  All future donations will fund the holistic support programs  that are strategically implemented, managed, and evaluated by our local partner Survivors Fund (SURF) in collaboration with AVEGA Agahozo, Solace Ministries, and Kanyarwanda. A sum of $200,000 would allow each family to access support and each program to be fully funded.

SURF is based in Rwanda and the UK and has a long-term commitment to supporting survivors of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda and their dependents. Foundation Rwanda will continue to operate as an independent 501(c)3 US nonprofit organization with its own board. Foundation Rwanda welcomes ongoing support  for SURF and our local Rwandan partners to continue implementing and running programs in support of the Foundation Rwanda families.

“Over a decade after SURF and FR joined forces, our partnership is united and stronger than ever. Our collective dream of Foundation Rwanda being run by an all-Rwandan team has finally been realized. I am proud to have helped make this a reality!”
– Samuel Munderere, In-Country Director, SURF/Foundation Rwanda

Please help us continue to provide holistic support and vital services to the Foundation Rwanda mothers and students:


Foundation Rwanda’s youth camps provide counseling support groups to 50 disclosed students. Camps take place twice per year during August and December school holidays. In addition to counseling, they provide career guidance and reproductive health education. In 2019, 120 Foundation Rwanda students will attend a youth camp. An additional 350 students could greatly benefit from the counseling program, which would cost $40,000.

In 2019,15 Foundation Rwanda students will attend vocational training for catering, plumbing, cosmetology, construction, textiles, and mechanics, thanks to the support of Inspire!africa. An additional 120 students could benefit from vocational training, which would cost $70,000.

In the next three years, 150 Foundation Rwanda mothers will participate in community counseling groups (50 mothers per year though 2021). The program aims to improve mother-child relationships by addressing the challenges and symptoms of trauma that arise from parenting a child born from rape. The groups also address general young-adult behavior  and provide tools for disclosure should a mother choose to do so. Once the counseling group sessions have been completed, counselors visit the women to help foster peer support groups and train local representatives to lead groups and report symptoms of trauma. To date, 560 women have completed the program. An additional 270 women could benefit from the program for the cost of $55,000.

Foundation Rwanda’s secondary-school program is fully funded and will have sponsored 830 students by 2020. A small number of Foundation Rwanda students have excelled against all odds, passing the national exam that has allowed them to pursue their dreams of higher education. Eight Foundation Rwanda students receive a combination of support for food, accommodations, and transportation to enable them to attend college. Depending on their needs and the costs of their schools, this costs an average of $56 per month per student. A donation of $10,000 would provide food, accommodations, and transportation for an additional 20 students (at $500 per student per year).

We would like to reserve a portion of our funds ($25,000) for the neediest families in case of medical, domestic, or financial hardship. Families would be nominated by the Foundation Rwanda mothers via the community counseling peer network.


How does It work?
Foundation Rwanda works with Survivors Fund (SURF) and other  local Rwandan NGOs and social workers in Rwanda to implement our programs and maximize efficiency.

Where will my money go?
Your donation will go directly towards sponsoring the education and vocational training of children born of rape during the Rwandan genocide and towards trauma counseling and holistic support, including income-generating programs and hardship funds for their mothers.

What does it take to send a Foundation Rwanda student to college?
Foundation Rwanda university students are in need of support for food, accommodations, and transportation to enable them to attend college. Depending on their needs and the costs of their schools, this costs an average of $56 per month per student.

How do I become a Foundation Rwanda annual donor?
If you'd like to become an recurring donor, please check the recurring donor box on the donation page.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Donations to Foundation Rwanda are tax deductible under the US not-for-profit 501(c)3 charity status, Tax ID #11-3837036.
If you would like to make a donation in the UK, you can support our work by donating to our partner organization, Survivors Fund (SURF).

Is my donation secure?
Yes.  Foundation Rwanda uses PayPal™ to securely process credit card donations online without sharing any of your financial information.

Do you partake in corporate gift matching?
Yes! You can make your gift go farther through your company's charitable gift matching program. Thousands of companies, small and large, offer programs that double or even triple individual tax-deductible contributions made by their employees. Your employer may be one of them. The process is simple: Ask if your company has a matching gift program. If so, obtain a matching gift form from your human resources office or matching gift coordinator, fill it out completely, and send it along with your contribution to:

Foundation Rwanda
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Attn: Sara Solfanelli
40 Rector Street, 9th Fl
New York, NY 10006

How do I become a corporate sponsor?
Contact us at to learn about becoming a Foundation Rwanda corporate sponsor.

Can I make a gift of stock to Foundation Rwanda?
To learn more about donating stocks, mutual funds, or other types of securities please contact us at