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Intended Consequences

Intended Consequences began as a  multimedia project in 2007 by photojournalist Jonathan Torgovnik with the story of Margaret, the first of many courageous mothers who shared their harrowing  experiences of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. At the end of her interview, Margaret quietly revealed that she gave birth to a baby boy as a result of genocidal rape. Over 30 women with children born of rape participated in the initial project.

With the help of our incredible supporters, the Intended Consequences project grew into the nonprofit Foundation Rwanda, a movement that has helped nearly 1700 women and their offspring. Our goal is to fulfill the wishes of mothers who survived horrific trauma against all odds. Foundation Rwanda sponsors schooling for Margaret’s son and more than 800 second-generation survivors born from rape, as well as holistic support programs that were suggested by the Foundation Rwanda families themselves.

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